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    Claiborne Centre
    6553 Ames Avenue. Omaha, NE
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    Omaha Wedding Reception and Banquet Hall


    • Elegant & Intimate Atmosphere
    • Accomodate 375 Guests
    • Open floor concept with unobstructive views
    • Dance floor
    • We allow you to bring your own catering and stock your own beverages
    • Full Bar

    Worry Free & Hassle Free

    At Claiborne Centre our facility includes tables, chairs, setup and cleanings.

    The Claiborne Centre was completely remodeled in 2007.  The finish on the inside is comparable to a first class banquet facility.  The facility is known for is vaulted ceilings, fireplace, and rock wall.  We have ample parking at the door with a marquee congratulating the new bride and groom.
    We allow you to cater your food and beverages in yourself.

    Our clients are able to make their day nicer and more memorable than other first class venues like Ridge, D.C. Center, or Tiburon.  Please see venue comparison chart.
Newly Weds at Claiborne Centre Wedding Reception Hall Banquet Hall Fire Place Wedding Reception Dance Wedding Cake in Hall


  • $995 Rental Fee

Venue Comparison Chart

ItemClaiborne CentreRidgeDC CenterTiburon
Minimums:No minimum125125$8,000
Tables, Linens, Chairs, China, &
House Centerpiece Included:
tables/chairs onlyYesYesYes
2 Entree/2 Potato/2 Veg:$0 - Self Cater$21.00$17.45$18.25
Gratuity:$0 - Self Cater(inc) 0(16%) 2.79(20%) 3.65
Sales Tax:$0 - Self Cater(5.5%) 1.16(7%) 1.42(5.5%) 1.21
City Ent. Tax:02%2%2%
Actual Cost:Cost of goods$22.58$23.55$23.48
Host Bars:    
Beer/Wine/Soda:Cost of goods$11.00$9.50*$11.25
B/W/S & Call Drinks:Cost of goods$14.00$13.50**$16.75
B/W/S & Premium:Cost of goods$17.00$16.00$18.25
Sales Tax Rate:0$5.5%7%5.5%
City Ent. Tax:$02%2%2%

Total savings by booking at Claiborne Centre: 80% Off!

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